Equipment Financing For Less Than Perfect Credit


Having the right equipment is one of the keys to successfully running many types of businesses that work in construction and related fields. But sometimes it’s hard to get equipment financing if you have had credit problems in the past. After all, credit is how most lenders gain confidence that they will get back the money they lend you to purchase your equipment.

Have You Had Any of These Problems?

  • Banks and traditional lenders won’t approve your applications because of bad credit
  • Paying ridiculous rental rates for the equipment you need
  • Turning down jobs that would require equipment you don’t have
  • Sharing equipment with another company because you can’t get your own

Your Credit Won’t Affect Equipment Financing

Capital Solutions understands that credit problems happen, and you still need to have a way to bounce back and get the equipment you need to keep your business running. Some of the credit problems we accept for our heavy equipment financing include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • No credit history
  • Late payments
  • Tax liens
  • Repossessions

Heavy Equipment Financing With Collateral

As long as you or your co-signer owns something that you can list as collateral, we offer equipment financing loans to meet your needs. Some of the collateral we accept includes:

  • Heavy equipment you own with a value equal to or greater than the equipment you want to finance
  • Commercial trucks and trailers worth more than the equipment you’re buying
  • Equity in your home or business land and building
  • Equipment or equity owned by your co-signer

By allowing us to put a lien on the collateral, we can offer you equipment financing even when you have bad credit. This gets you the equipment you need.

Flexible Purchasing Options for Heavy Equipment

Unlike many companies that offer heavy equipment financing, we don’t limit you in what type of equipment you purchase. Our financing is valid for:

  • New equipment
  • Used equipment
  • Equipment from dealers
  • Equipment up for public or private auction
  • Equipment purchased from private parties

We want our equipment financing to free you to purchase exactly what you need for your business, at the price you’re looking for. Financing for equipment is what we do. We don’t want to limit you to purchases from specific types of companies or dealers.

Equipment Financing With No Down Payment

Whereas most traditional equipment financing companies require you to put down a payment, we understand that you often don’t have the cash on hand to do that.

  • Our equipment financing terms can allow you to skip the down payment if you have sufficient collateral, giving you the equipment you need right away.
  • We can sometimes even let you borrow more than the cost of the equipment you’re buying so you leave with cash in your hands.

Apply For Equipment Financing Today

Capital Solutions wants to help you finance your equipment purchase, so fill out the application today to get started. The process is quick, and you could have your equipment within a week. Let us help you secure equipment financing for your business.