Financing For Equipment


We know how important it is to get financing for equipment that your business uses on a regular basis. Having your own cranes, dozers, backhoes, excavators and other tools makes your business more productive, increasing your revenue in the long run.

Have You Experienced Any of These Problems?

  • Getting turned down for a bank loan for equipment
  • Using outdated equipment that requires more labor to complete jobs
  • Turning down jobs because you don’t have the right equipment
  • Renting equipment at daily rates because you can’t get a long-term lease or purchase agreement

Our business model is focused on providing financing for equipment to businesses that have had credit problems in the past. That doesn’t mean our financing is more expensive than other companies, though. We just use your collateral to secure our financing for equipment.

Bad Credit Financing for Equipment

Credit problems happen, and they shouldn’t affect your ability to run your business. We provide funding for equipment even if your credit report shows major problems. Some of the issues we can get past include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossessions
  • Tax liens on property
  • Charge offs
  • Late payments
  • No credit history

You don’t need to worry about your credit history with us. Even if your credit score is less than 500, we can still get you the financing you need for your business.

Using Collateral to Secure Financing for Equipment

Collateral is something you already own that you put up as security on new financing. We use collateral to get around your bad credit. If you have collateral, we don’t need you to have any credit history. Some of the collateral we can use includes:

  • Dump trucks, cranes, excavators, and other construction equipment you own free and clear
  • Commercial trucks and trailers you own free and clear
  • Other heavy machinery you own free and clear
  • Your personal home, even if you have a mortgage on it
  • Your commercial real estate, even if it has a mortgage
  • Any of the above that belongs to your co-signer

We want to make getting financing for equipment possible for companies that don’t have stellar credit, which is why we accept collateral as part of our financing process.

Easy Approval to Get Financing for Equipment

Typical banks and dealerships give you the run-around in the application process for financing. They often make you provide:

  • Credit report
  • Profit and loss statements for your business
  • Business plan showing how you will use the equipment
  • Large down payment

At Capital Solutions, our process is much simpler. We know you don’t have the time to prepare detailed statements to get financing for equipment, and we know you may not have money for a down payment. Our process includes:

  • Preliminary application online or over the phone, with potential for instant pre-approval
  • Brief interview to determine whether you have sufficient collateral
  • Determining the exact equipment you will purchase
  • Mailing you an invoice and documents to sign

When you’re done with those simple steps, you’ll have financing for equipment your business needs!